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Booking a Test - Don't get ripped off!

General AdvicePosted by Gareth Fri, November 25, 2011 21:50:40
If you are looking to book your Theory or Practical driving test then be careful that you're not ripped off. If you enter "book your theory test" or similar phrase into a search engine you will be presented with a number of results all claiming to be test booking sites.


Many of these sites offer to book your test but can charge you up to £50 for the privaledge! At the time of writing this article the Theory test is £31 and the Practical test is £62. Any more than this and the site is probably bogus.

If you are on the genuine booking site you will be able to pick the exact date and time of your test and it will be confirmed there and then.

Some of the sites offer you the chance to take out insurance so if you fail your test you can get a retest for free. If this is something that appeals then fair enough. Personally I would rather save my money but thats just my opinion.

At you can book both tests via the website. This is the official government website for booking your test. You will therefore only pay £31 for the Theory test and £62 for the Pratical test. We do not charge you for the privaledge of booking the test!

Click here to book a Theory test

Click here to book a Practical test

Any changes to the price of driving tests will be updated on our courses and costs page.

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