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Pull Push Steering - Practice at home to improve technique.

General AdvicePosted by Gareth Price Mon, December 05, 2011 14:22:34
It is a well known fact that pull push steering (feeding the wheel) is the preferred way to control the steering wheel when driving. However when you first start learning to drive you may find that it is not a technique that comes naturally. For a demonstration follow the link below which will show you a brief video.

Show me how to steer...

It takes practice to perfect this technique, however practicing whilst driving could lead to some prety nasty situations. Therefore if you can practice at home before you drive then this will help when you get behind the wheel.

How do I practice at home?

Simple. Find something square. (yes i did say square). Normally I suggest something like a cushion from the sofa. Practice rotating the cushion round using the pull push technique, each time grabbing a straight edge. Practice turning it left and right.

Part of the problem with steering comes from not knowing where to put your hands on the round steering wheel in front of you. However practicing on something square gives you a defined place to grab (straight edge) each time you need to move your hands. Once this technique has been practiced try it on something round and see if you can master the rotation like in our video. Once you can you are ready to try it on the road. Being able to steer without thinking about your hands gives you more ability to think about the road ahead.


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