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Benefit from the British weather

General AdvicePosted by Gareth Price Sun, October 14, 2012 20:59:41
Learning to drive during the winter months is probably not the first choice for most people. Dark nights, cold frosty mornings, snow, rain, sleet, hail, wind and low bright sunshine. It's hard enough getting enough enthusiasm to go to work or college let alone learn how to drive. However, it is probably the best time to start learning.

The U.K. weather never changes. By this I mean it is and will always be, unpredictable. Therefore at some point you are going to have to drive in many, if not all the conditions listed above. So why not get professional instruction in the art of driving in the varying weather conditions this country dishes up every year. That way when you're driving to work or college on a cold frosty winters morning you can have the confidence to deal with the road conditions safely.

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